New for 2024-25! Board members get to choose one of these topics to review as part of their training:

  • The Annual Performance Report (APR)

  • Authentic Community Engagement

  • The Sunshine Law

Board members may review multiple topics if they choose, but only one is required.


Enroll yourself on the Membership Portal or ask your Board Secretary to enroll you.

  • Missouri law (§ 162.203, RSMo.) requires all school board members to complete 18.5 hours of new board member training in the first year of service. In each following board term year, the law requires you to complete one hour of Board Member Refresher training. 

  • MSBA Refresher training is free for all school board members.  

  • MSBA Refresher training is required for board member certification awards and the Governance Team Award.  


Please contact Leadership Development at 573-208-7847 or email