Put money back into the classroom with services from MSBA’s Partners. Increase revenues and decrease expenditures with help from these companies who are dedicated to serving our member districts. 

Executive Support Services 

Secure experienced, high quality, educational professionals to meet your district’s needs. Possibilities include: 

Interim Placements 

  • Superintendent of Schools 

  • Chief Financial Officer 

  • Human Resources Director 

  • Missouri Student Information Reporting System / CORE Data Reporting 

Mentoring, Coaching and Support 

  • Superintendent of Schools 

  • Assistant/Associate Superintendents 

  • Directors 

  • Principals 

  • Title Program Compliance and Reporting 

  • MOSIP Reporting 

  • CORE Data Reporting 

  • Transportation 

  • Food Service 

Consulting Services (assistance with specific projects) 

  • Financial and Business Services (Best Practices) 

  • Food Service Management (in house and contracted) 

  • Transportation Services (in house and contracted) 

  • Human Resources Services and Policies 

  • Board Policy Reviews and Implementation 

For more information, please visit the LDR Adm Services website

Missouri Securities Investment Program (MOSIP) 

MOSIP is a comprehensive cash management program that allows districts to invest funds at interest rates typically reserved for large, institutional investors. It offers participants a professionally managed portfolio with competitive money market rates.  

For more information, please visit the MOSIP website

Payment Solutions Card 

Member districts can earn annual rebates with the MSBA Payment Solutions card, which can be used with any vendor who accepts credit cards. The program includes: 

  • Significant local control  

  • User authorization by the district  

  • Itemized monthly statements  

  • Online account access  

  • Fraud and misuse protection 


To learn more about any of these services, please contact Linda Quinley at 573-208-7872 or