Missouri Emergency Operations Plan Development Tool (MOEOP)

The State of Missouri's Department of Public Safety (DPS) is offering another School Safety Improvement Program for FY24 (expiring June 1, 2024)!  The FY24 program funding provides public school districts and charter schools that did not participate in last year's FY23 Funding Program with "1 year at no cost" access to MSBA's online emergency operations plan (EOP) development tool, "MOEOP!" Any Missouri public school district or charter school not yet using the MOEOP tool should take advantage of this limited time offer!

Missouri private schools have options as well!  Private institutions can still subscribe to MSBA’s Emergency Operations Plan online development tool (MOEOP) using FY24 School Safety Grant funds if an application has already been submitted.  Applications can be amended so a portion of the School Safety Grant funds can be applied to a subscription to the MOEOP tool.  Send amendment requests to DESE at Request Amendment.

A subscription to the tool qualifies as "Safety Planning" in DESE's Guidance document (see the "Allowable Use of Funds" section), and school systems are allowed to subscribe for one or more years through a one-time payment with the funds. 

School districts, public or private, that missed the deadline and/or did not apply for funds can still subscribe to the MOEOP tool for a very low-cost subscription.  Use the “Register Now” link below to complete your registration for the tool!

The web-based EOP development tool reduces some of the burden in EOP development, revision and maintenance, offering a pre-formatted plan, a step-by-step process in development, and the ability to electronically store emergency operations plans, maps, flip charts and other related resources.  The tool also comes with a mobile app and allows easy and selective electronic sharing with emergency services and school staff.

In addition to access, districts can receive phone, virtual or in-person technical assistance. MSBA's Center for Education Safety (CES) offers training that can be tailored to the needs of the district, so contact MSBA now for guidance and get started on developing or updating your plans!

Have questions?  Please contact MSBA’s MOEOP Administrator by phone at 573-208-7859, or by email at

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