MSBA offers a free book study guide for member districts. A book study can be a great way for the board and superintendent to learn about topics relevant to your governance team or district. You can earn board member credits by submitting a form after the book study.


The Governance Core: School Boards, Superintendents and Schools Working Together by Davis Campbell and Michael Fullan

The authors call on school board members and superintendents to seize the moral high ground, establish a unity of purpose and pursue governing excellence. Real-world examples illustrate important principles needed for effective governance. Suggestions for developing norms or protocols are included.


Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis by Robert D. Putnam

Putnam discusses the impact of poverty on young people’s ability to attain upward social mobility. He examines the factors that encourage or discourage upward mobility and how they have changed over time.


Study Guide for Any Book

This guide offers suggestions for organizing a governance team book study with any book the team selects. Tips for selecting a book, establishing norms for discussion and strategies for the discussions are included.


To request these resources or learn more about MSBA book studies, please contact the Leadership Development department at 573-208-7847, or email