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MOSTOY, an organization of teacher leaders, seeks to transform the teaching profession by using our credible voice to support policies and practices that advance teacher leadership, educator effectiveness, and the conditions, capacity, and culture necessary to support great teaching and learning for all students.


MOSTOY envisions a transformed teaching profession that provides access to great teaching and learning for all students thereby dramatically improving student outcomes for college, career, and life.

Melissa Grandel
Melissa Grandel, the 2020 Missouri Teacher of the Year, has always believed that she has one purpose in life: to teach kids. She has taught a variety of courses at Fordland High School including English II, English IV, Dual Credit Speech, Advanced Placement Language and Composition, and Yearbook. As well, she has sponsored Beta Club (a service and academic organization), helping students achieve state and national recognition in academic competitions for the past 15 years. Grandel wholeheartedly believes that all students deserve a fair opportunity to learn and succeed, no matter their situation or background. As a teacher, her goal is to relate to the individual student and to find a way to support the educational success of each one.  Through highly engaging projects, real-world connections, and equitable initiatives, she allows students to self-discover in an effort to create a learning environment in which students can blossom into their best selves.  

Shelly Parks
Shelly Parks is a high school English teacher in St. Charles, MO at Francis Howell North High School. Her influence goes beyond her own classroom and even her own school, where she has spent years public speaking and offering training and professional development to staff and other educational leaders. Shelly considers her greatest teaching accomplishment when students decide to join her in the education profession. Shelly is a recruiter of future teachers, an advocate for equitable learning opportunities for all students, a lover of cooperative learning, and a proponent of teachers creating greater work-life balance. She is a National Board Certified teacher who has received numerous awards, including the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award and Missouri’s Teacher of the Year for 2019.

Beth Davey
Beth Davey cares deeply about her students and their connections with our society. As the music teacher at Iveland Elementary School in the Ritenour School District in St. Louis, Beth perseveres to facilitate creative expression in her classroom and school community, believing that each student has a unique story and a unique brilliance to share with the world. She believes that each student needs to know that they belong, and by celebrating her diverse learners and by teaching empathy she hopes to empower her students to positively change their community. In her role as the 2018 Missouri Teacher of the Year, Beth treasures the opportunity to connect with teachers and community leaders across the state, actively striving to create conversations about student success, equitable access to quality education, arts in schools, culturally responsive teaching, and emotional and behavioral supports. Beth holds a Bachelors degree from the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and a Masters degree of Music Education in Ethnomusicology from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Darbie Valenti
Darbie Valenti loves first and teaches second. With empathy as the basis of her work, she builds relationships with her students while promoting a growth mindset to empower them to believe that they can make meaningful and impactful changes to our world. Darbie’s teaching experience spans elementary and middle school and also includes serving as an adjunct professor for Northwest Missouri State University. Darbie has received numerous teaching honors, including being named as a STARR Teacher for the state of Missouri in 2006 as well as serving as the 2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year.  This has afforded her the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for STEM education as well as trauma-informed practices in her state, nation and around the globe as she fulfills her passion of building capacity in teachers. 

Linda Glasgow
Linda Glasgow is a lifelong learner and teacher with 35 years of service in the public schools of Missouri and in higher education. Linda is proud to have taught hundreds of students in grades pre-K through university and believes that building relationships is the key to success in education. Linda works to build and strengthen partnerships in rural, urban, and suburban communities in her current role as the Coordinator of Partnerships at the University of Central Missouri. She is an advocate for the teaching profession and works to provide support to current teachers and to invite and support the next generation of teachers. Linda is a National Board Certified Teacher and was named the 2016 Missouri Teacher of the Year, the 2016 Horace Mann Friend of Education Award, and a 2017 NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow.

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