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2018-2019 SPID Survey

Every year hundreds of Missouri schools complete this online survey so that districts statewide can benefit from the information collected.  Thank you for participating! This year’s School Personnel Information Database (SPID) is ready for your input.

  1. Make sure that no one else from your district has completed or is in the process of completing this survey before you begin.  MSBA notifies superintendents, Board secretaries and human resource directors of the survey.  If you want to know if your district has already begun or completed the survey, contact Susan Goldammer at
  2. For your convenience, we have supplied a worksheet for each of the three surveys.  This allows you to collect the information MSBA is requesting before starting the survey.  We encourage you to use this resource!
  3. Once you begin the survey you can stop and complete the survey on a different day.  However, if you close the survey one day, you cannot go backwards in the survey.  Please make sure the information you enter in the survey is correct the first time!
  4. You have not completed the survey until you have finished all three sections AND have e-mailed MSBA your district’s salary schedules and collective bargain agreements to  Do not forget those salary schedules!

The deadline for entering your district’s data is November 12, 2018.  All districts that complete the survey by this date, including non-member districts and charter schools, will receive access to all of the information collected.  The results will be made available in December.