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Sample Policies

Districts with Full Maintenance Service should NOT use these sample policies to make modifications to existing policies. These documents do not include the district’s custom language.
Please contact your Full Maintenance editor for more information.

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Matt O’Brien – Editor, Basic and Policy Online
573-445-9920, ext. 347

BBA School Board Powers and Duties
BBB School Board Elections
1O (Ballot Placement by Order of Filing — Seven-Director Districts)
2E (Ballot Placement by Random Drawing — Seven-Director Districts
3C (Ballot Placement by Order of Filing — Seven-Director Districts)
4C (Ballot Placement by Random Drawing — Seven-Director Districts)
BBBA Board Member Qualifications 
2D (Urban Districts)
BBBB School Board Ballot Issues
BBC Board Member Resignation
BBD Board Member Removal from Office
BBE School Board Vacancies
2B (Urban Districts)
BBF School Board Member Ethics
BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure
BCA Board Organizational Meeting
2F (Urban Districts Only)
BCB Board Officers
BCC Appointed Board Officials
1E (Seven Director)
2A (Urban Districts Only)
BCCA MSBA Delegate and Alternate
BCE Board Committees/Advisory Committees to the Board
BCG School Attorney/Legal Services
BDA Board Meetings
BDC Closed Meetings, Records and Votes
BDDA Notification of Board Meetings
BDDB Agendas
1B – No Consent Agenda
2B – Consent Agenda
BDDF Voting Method
2B (Urban Districts Only)
BDDG Minutes
BDDG-R1 Board Meeting Minutes
BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
1B (Districts Designating a Public Comment Period)
2A (Districts Not Allowing a Public Comment Period)
BDDL Release of Information
BF School Board Policy Process
BHA Board Training and Development
BHE Board Member Liability/Insurance
BI School Board Legislative Program
BJ School Board Memberships
GB Part-Time and Substitute Employment
2A (Urban Districts)
GBA Exempt and Nonexempt Employees
GBAA Staff Extra-Duty Assignments
GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making
GBBDA Family and Medical Leave
GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest
GBCB Staff Conduct
GBCBC Staff Absences and Tardiness
GBCC Staff Use of Communication Devices
GBE Staff Health and Safety
GBEA Workers’ Compensation
GBEBA Drug-Free Workplace
GBEBB Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing
2G (District Provides Transportation Services)
3E (District Contracts for Transportation Services)
4F (District Both Provides and Contracts for Transportation Services)
GBEBC Criminal Background Checks
GBH Staff/Student Relations
GBL Personnel Records
GBLB References
GBM Staff Grievances
GCA Professional Staff Positions
GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules
GCBC Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBDA Professional Staff Short-Term Leaves
GCBDB Professional Staff Long-Term Leaves and Absences
GCD Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring
2H (Urban Districts Only)
GCG Professional Staff Probation and Tenure
GCI Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCL Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCLB Professional Staff Career Ladder Program
GCN Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCPA Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPB Resignation of Professional Staff Members
GCPC Retirement of Professional Staff Members
GCPD Suspension of Professional Staff Members
GCPE Termination of Professional Staff Members
GCPF Renewal of Professional Staff Members
GDA Support Staff Positions
GDBA Support Staff Compensation
GDBC Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBDA Support Staff Leaves
GDC Support Staff Recruiting and Hiring
2H (Urban Districts Only)
GDI Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDL Support Staff Development Opportunities
GDN Evaluation of Support Staff
GDPB Resignation of Support Staff Members
1B (Employees Not Under Contract)
2B (District has Both Contracted and Non contracted Employees)
GDPC Retirement of Support Staff Members
GDPD Suspension of Support Staff Members
GDPE Nonrenewal and Termination of Support Staff Members
IA   Instructional Goals/Priority Objectives
IC   Academic Calendar/Year/Day
IF   Curriculum Development
IGA   Basic Instructional Programs
IGAB   Instructional Interventions
IGAC   Teaching about Religion
IGAD   Occupational Education
2A – Program Includes Post-Secondary
IGAEA   Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
IGAEB   Teaching about Human Sexuality
IGB   Accommodation of Students with Disabilities
IGBA   Programs for Students with Disabilities
IGBB   Programs for Gifted Students
IGBC   Parent/Family Involvement in Instructional and Other Programs
IGBCA   Programs for Homeless Students
IGBCB   Programs for Migrant Students
IGBD   At-Risk Students
1C – K-12 Districts
2A – K-8 Districts
IGBE   Students in Foster Care
IGBG   Homebound Instruction
IGBH   Programs for English Language Learners
IGBI   Home Schooling
IGC   Extended Instructional Programs
IGCD   Virtual Courses
IGCE   Nontraditional Instruction Options
2D (K-8 Districts)
IGD   District-Sponsored Extracurricular Activities and Groups
IGDA   Student-Initiated Group Use of District Facilities
IGDB   Student Publications
IGDBA   Distribution of Noncurricular Student Publications
IGDF   Student Fundraising
IHB   Class Size
IIA   Instructional Materials
IIAC   Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries
IIAC-R1   Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries – Selection and Reconsideration of Materials
IICA   Field Trips and Excursions
IICC   School Volunteers
IK   Academic Achievement
IKE   Promotion, Acceleration and Retention of Students
IKF   Graduation Requirements
IKFA   Early Graduation
IKFB   Graduation Exercises
IL   Assessment Program
ILA   Test Integrity and Security
IM   Evaluation of Instructional Programs
INC   Speakers at District Events
IND   Ceremonies and Observances