Board Member Refresher Training

State law requires all school board members to not only receive training the first year of service, but also one hour of refresher training in each subsequent school board term year.  The training must include concepts covered in the initial training plus the prevention of sexual abuse of children.

The refresher training must be provided by “a statewide association organized for the benefit of members of boards of education or be approved by the state board of education.”  MSBA is approved by the State Board of Education to provide the training and is the only association that was founded by school board members for school board members and has provided quality board training for decades.

Refresher Training FAQs

One Hour Online Refresher Training: Protecting Students from Sexual Misconduct

This training will satisfy the requirement for the April 2022 – March 2023 school board term year. This year’s training contains presentations on protecting children from abuse, effective district communication during a crisis, and your board’s role as a governing body. You will be asked to apply your knowledge to a case study about staff misconduct allegations.


Leadership Development
800-221-6722 ext. 329

Online Training

Online training is free. Select the option you prefer.

Individual View: One Hour Refresher Training

Group View: One Hours Refresher Training

In-Person Training

In-person Refresher Training will be a concurrent session offered during this upcoming MSBA event. Event registration is required to participate in the One-Hour Refresher Training session.

Friday, November 4, 2022 during the MSBA Annual Conference in Kansas City.

New board members elected or appointed in the 2022-2023 term year do not need Refresher Training, rather they must complete CBM Essential Training.

For more information, contact the Leadership Development Department at, or call 573.445.9920, ext 329.