Nominations for the 2022 Paul Morris Community Service Award will be accepted from May 2nd through July 1, 2022. The award is sponsored by MSBA’s FutureBuilders’ Foundation. It was established to honor and recognize an individual Missouri school board member, past or present, who has shown an outstanding commitment to local community service. The award is named in honor of Paul Morris, a past president of the Missouri School Boards’ Association, who devoted countless hours to strengthening his community and improving its schools through his volunteer service and work.

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  • Nominee’s public school board service, MSBA involvement that supports K-12 public education in Missouri.
  • Nominee’s commitment to community service through memberships, leadership roles, organized events, and service in community organizations. Examples may include Rotary Club, Lions Club, library board, etc.
  • Individualized actions that enhance nominee’s community value in the promotion of public education. Examples may include economic groups, community partnership pursuits, etc.
  • Awards, honors and recognitions that acknowledge the nominee’s service to public education, their community and/or profession.
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