MSBA Staff

Find phone extensions and emails of the dedicated staff that serve the members of MSBA.

For general questions or feedback, email

To contact a staff member, call 800-221-6722 followed by the extension when prompted.

Melissa Randol

Melissa Randol, Esq.
Executive Director  |  ext. 340

Administration & Operations

Todd Smith
Todd SmithChief Financial Officer | ext. 310
John McDonald
John McDonaldCOO, National Council on School Safety Leadership | ext. 382
Colleen Mahon
Colleen MahonExecutive Administrative Specialist | ext. 340
Lezlie Kay
Lezlie KayAdministrative Specialist | ext. 302

Center for Education Safety

Amy Roderick
Amy RoderickDirector, Center for Education Safety | ext. 420
Bob Klausmeyer
Bob KlausmeyerEducation Safety Coordinator | ext. 421
Deb Hendricks
Deb HendricksEducation Safety Coordinator | ext. 417
Wanda Ferrell
Wanda FerrellAdministrative Assistant | ext. 413

MSBA’s Center for Education Safety

200 Madison St. Ste. 240
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Call: 573-638-7501


Blake Godwin
Blake GodwinSenior Director, Video Production | ext. 366
Brett Manie
Brett ManieSenior Director, Public Relations | ext. 305
Ted Farnen
Ted FarnenDirector, Special Projects | ext. 338

Governmental Relations

Mike Reid
Mike ReidAssociate Executive Director, Advocacy | ext. 410
Brandt Shields
Brandt ShieldsDirector, Governmental Relations | ext. 401
Jade Govero
Jade GoveroDirector, Strategic Communications | ext. 422
Beth Stocksick
Beth StocksickSenior Administrative Specialist, Advocacy | ext. 411

MSBA Governmental Relations

200 Madison St. Ste. 320
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Call: 573-638 7501


Mike Grote | ext. 411

Shawn Rhoads | ext. 411

Leadership Development

Phyllis Barks
Phyllis BarksAssociate Executive Director, Leadership Development | ext. 342
Dr. Terrance Peterson
Dr. Terrance PetersonSenior Director, Board Training | ext. 323
Katherine Whitaker
Katherine WhitakerDirector, Board Development | ext. 316
Mark Henderson
Mark HendersonOnline Learning Specialist | ext. 337

Logistics & Events

Kelly Francis
Kelly FrancisChief Logistics Officer | ext. 319
Anne Tegerdine
Anne TegerdineDirector, Events | ext. 307
Eileen Woody
Eileen WoodyDirector, Central Database | ext. 318
Michael Lee Grissom
Michael Lee GrissomCoordinator, Digital Resources | ext. 353
Sarah Devoto
Sarah DevotoRegistrar & Administrative Assistant | ext. 303

Medicaid Consortium

Darcy Frazee
Darcy FrazeeFinancial Specialist | ext. 354


Dr. Kim Ratcliffe
Director, Advocacy & Special Projects

Collin Swearingen
Senior Director, School Based Medicaid Services

Lisa Helm
Director, Direct Services Billing

Derrick Branstetter
Director, SDAC & School Engagement

Theresa Bielawski
Director, Local Tax Effort

Member Relations

Michael Parnell
Michael ParnellAssociate Executive Director, Member Relations/School Business Services | ext. 331
Gerry Lee
Gerry LeeAssociate Executive Director, Member Engagements | ext. 384
Sharon Horbyk
Sharon HorbykChief Relationship Officer | ext. 373
Chrissy Winkler
Chrissy WinklerCoordinator Superintendent Search & Member Relations | ext. 308

Policy & Legal

Kelli Hopkins, Esq.
Kelli Hopkins, Esq.Associate Executive Director | ext. 345
Ellen Baker
Ellen BakerAdministrative Assistant | ext. 312
Susan Goldammer, Esq.
Susan Goldammer, Esq.Associate Executive Director, Labor, Law & Advocacy | ext. 355
Keith Powell, Esq.
Keith Powell, Esq.Staff Attorney | ext. 339
Kathleen Atwood
Kathleen AtwoodDirector, Full Maintenance | ext. 346
David Caspall
David CaspallEditor, Full Maintenance | ext. 383
Kathy Fox
Kathy FoxEditor, Full Maintenance | ext. 324
Dr. Tim Pingelton
Dr. Tim PingeltonEditor, Full Maintenance | ext. 371
Allison Williams
Allison WilliamsEditor, Full Maintenance | ext. 369
Dr. Timothy Gallimore
Dr. Timothy GallimoreEditor, Policy Publications | ext. 330
Shannon Beckner
Shannon BecknerDirector, Policy Publications | ext. 368


Janet Tilley
Janet TilleySenior Director, Research | ext. 379

School Finance

Linda Quinley
Linda QuinleySenior Director, School Finance | ext. 322