Governance Team Award

The Governance Team Award provides MSBA the opportunity to recognize school boards and their superintendent for commitment to continuous improvement through ongoing professional development, regional and statewide leadership, and active participation in legislative advocacy for public schools and the students they serve.

Districts must fulfill the following criteria. No application is required. In May, MSBA will notify districts that have fulfilled the criteria.

Districts must fulfill the following criteria by May 1. No application is required.

  • The district is accredited.
  • The district is a member of MSBA.
  • All seven board members have completed MSBA Essential Certified Board Member certification by May 1 or have been grandfathered from the requirement.
  • All seven board members have completed MSBA Board Member Refresher Training for the 2021-2022 board term year by May 1 through MSBA.
  • At least two board members have achieved Advanced board member certification.
  • At least one board member has attained the Master board member certification.
  • At least a quorum of the board and the superintendent attended the most recent MSBA/MASA Annual Conference.
  • At least three board members and the superintendent or other district administrator attended the most recent MSBA Spring Regional Meeting.
  • A representative attended the most recent Legislative Forum.
  • A board member representative participated in at least one Delegate Assembly during the year.

District status on the award criteria may be checked at any time by examining each board member’s transcript of attendance and credits by logging into My Account. The superintendent or board secretary can access all district board member transcripts. Individual board member transcripts can be accessed by each board member.


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