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Ongoing professional development for school board members is vital to maximize their contribution to the school board and superintendent governance team. Each June at the Leadership Summit, MSBA recognizes school board members for continuing their learning beyond the state-required CBM Essential Training for new board members. Applications may be submitted at any time, but are due no later than May 1.  Engraved certification plaques will be presented during the MSBA Leadership Summit.

Forms and Resources

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Leadership Development
800-221-6722 ext. 329

Core Meetings

MSBA events: Legislative Forum, Regional Meetings, Igniting Great Ideas Summit, Delegate Assembly, Safe Schools and Colleges Forum, Annual Conference; NSBA events: Annual Conference, Equity Symposium, CUBE Conference; COSSBA: Annual Conference, Urban Boards Alliance Symposium.

Credit Requirement

Credit is awarded for participation in MSBA/CES conference concurrent sessions, regional meetings, and webinars; participation in MSBA Delegate Assemblies, online training, whole board workshops, board self evaluation; observing board meetings in other districts; reading extra books; and attending NSBA or COSSBA conference sessions.

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Book Requirement

Books must pertain to education or to board governance, must be authored in the last ten years, and must be at least 100 pages in length. Books must be on the approved booklist, unless prior permission is obtained from training@mosba.org

Online Booklist
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