Thank You to All the MSBA Delegates!

An MSBA Delegate is a school board member that has been appointed by his or her school board to serve as a liaison with MSBA.  Every MSBA member district is entitled to at least one Delegate.  If a school district does not specifically designate a Delegate, MSBA will assume that the Board President is the Delegate for the district.

MSBA has recently updated its Advocacy Positions document, which lists a wide variety of positions on state and federal issues.  What is the most important to your school district?  Has your district communicated your Board’s priorities to legislators?

A Delegate has the following responsibilities:

  • Serve as the Liaison between MSBA and the local board of education.
  • Report monthly to the local board on important issues identified by MSBA, including state and national issues and opportunities and concerns
    related to public schools.
  • Actively participate in the development and promotion of MSBA Advocacy Positions.
  • Attend and participate in the MSBA Delegate Assemblies.
  • The alternate delegate will assume the role of delegate if the delegate is unable to serve.

MSBA encourages districts to also appoint one or more Alternate Delegates to serve in the absence of the Delegate.  Most districts designate a Delegate and Alternate Delegate at the school board’s reorganization meeting in the spring.

MSBA has scheduled Delegate Assemblies for the following dates:

  • June 19, 2020 – Virtual Delegate Assembly
    Every MSBA member district can have a delegate participate free in the Virtual MSBA Delegate Assembly held in conjunction with the Virtual MSBA Igniting Great Ideas Summit.  Delegates will vote on MSBA Bylaw changes and elect MSBA officers (some races contested). View videos of the nominated candidates here.  Make sure your Board is counted!  The Delegate Assembly is free, but you must register to obtain the links. Join us for a brief rehearsal session on June 15th at 4 PM if you want to practice for the virtual meeting. Details will be sent after registration.
  • September 25, 2020 – Kansas City, MO
    At the fall Annual Conference, the Delegate Assembly shall adopt a comprehensive position document to guide MSBA’s legislative/advocacy efforts. The comprehensive position document will be distributed by the Board of Directors to the Delegate Assembly 30 days prior to the Annual Conference.

The Delegate Assembly in June is held in conjunction with the MSBA Great Ideas Summit and the assembly in September is held in conjunction with the Annual Conference. You do not need to attend the conferences in order to participate in the Delegate Assembly, but please pre-register.

Governmental Relations

Beth Stocksick – Sr. Administrative Specialist, Advocacy

The position of Delegate is important to your Association! Please email with your delegate information. Thank you!