MSBA Virtual Annual Conference in Cooperation with MASA

September 24-26, 2020


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573-445-9920, ext. 303

Sharon Horbyk – Director, Business Development
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What you Purchase for Technology Matters!

Devices, Security, Teaching, Learning & More

Understanding the Role of an SRO

Smooth Sailing:  Distance Learning PD

Staying Afloat: Departments Adapt in a Crisis

Connecting Construction & Community

Creative Approach to Shared Classrooms

Protect Learning & Manage Severe Behaviors

BuyBoard: Online Shopping Tool

Cape Girardeau Public Schools Safety and Sec. Elements

Equity: Columbia’s Journey

Reporting Propane under the CFATS Regulations

Creating a Sense of Belonging in Schools

Implicit Bias – What Schools Can Do

Be Their Hero: Trauma-Informed Care

20 Years of eMINTS, What’s Next?

5 Tips for Promoting Teacher Wellness

A Community Learning Together

Finding Balance in Emotional Wellness

Understanding Bullying: Our Students’ Voices

America Says, Legal Edition

COVID-19:  The Aftermath

When Board Members Become Judge and the Jury

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Welcome Wavers-Supporting All Stakeholders!

1 District, 2 High Schools, 3 Firms

At the Table Together

SBHC: School + Health = Successful Students

How a Board Retreat Can Improve Leadership.

Executive Support Services

Got a BOE Pre-and Post-General Election Plan?

Instruction Before Construction

Educational Equity: From Practice to Policy

Pros & Cons of CMR-District Leaders Tell All!

Protect Your School from Cyber-Criminals

What You Need to Know About the Budget

The WSCC Model for Healthy, Safe Environments

Vaping. What Can Schools Do About It?

What is a Trauma-Informed School?

Highway Safety Resources Aid Public Health Crisis

Stop the Bleed: Community Partnerships

Beware What You Share – Online Safety

Juvenile Law & Best Practices for SRO’s

IPC and Human Trafficking

Case Study: Making the Most of Climate Surveys

Office 365

Online Resources for Schools

School Safety Task Force

Seclusion and Restraint

School Case Law Update

Legislative Update for Upcoming Year

Advocate for Schools at the State Level

2020 Legislative Update

The Fixer: Meet Board Candidate Bob

Superintendent Search – The Process

Sunshine Law Basics

Critical Issues in Missouri’s Rural and Small School Districts

Forever Encouraged – MO School Legal History

Where’s the Money?

Here’s A Tip-Courage2Report Prevents Violence


EOP and Preparation

Cyber Talk: Stop the Intrusion!

Boldly Redefining the High School Experience

How Predictive Is The CCR Index?

Supporting the Mental Health of Staff

It Is All About Connections!

Case Study in District Crisis Preparation

What Parents Want to Hear From You, Non-stop

Finance Tools:  MOSIP and P-card Advantages

Project Christmas Promise

Integrating Human Trafficking in School EOPs

The Price Tag – Partnerships & Leadership

Climbing the Mountain – Tracking IEP Goals

Safe, Happy, and Learning

Hiring & Evaluating a New Superintendent

Developing a Prevention-Based Safety Form

Long Range Planning Road Map to the Future

Safety & Security – Protecting Our Kids

Protecting our Kids – Safe Rooms in Schools

School-Based Health Program Planning 101

School-Based Health and Partnerships

Student Privacy in Virtual Instruction

Copyright in the Classroom

Offering School Choice in Public Education

Expanding Mental Health Services

A New Approach to Equity in K-12

Regaining Governance: Our Comeback Story

Best Practices for Developing an Armed Security

Developing a Well-Rounded Safety and Security

Building the Future with your Board of Ed.

Handle with Care in Missouri Counties

Negotiating Superintendent Contracts

A Board Divided Cannot Stand

Voting in 2020-21: Legal Issues in Voting

Legal Issues in The Digital World

U.S. DHS Priority Telecommunications Services

Protecting America’s Schools

Why All School Districts Should Have a Public Relations Program

Handle with Care