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Advocacy Positions

The MSBA Delegate Assembly approved the new Advocacy Positions document at its meeting on October 6, 2017. This document combines MSBA’s three previous advocacy documents, Legislative Resolutions, Platform Statements and position statements contained in the Missouri Public Education Vision Project Report, into a single document. This document clearly articulates MSBA’s positions on issues related to public education. It is the basis for MSBA’s advocacy efforts on the state and national levels.

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If your district would like to propose amendments or an entirely new resolution, please submit those changes using the online form no later than July 27.

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Governmental Relations
Beth Stocksick – Sr. Administrative Specialist, Advocacy

Vision Project

Visit the Missouri Public Education Vision Project and download a copy of the report.

More About the MSBA Advocacy Positions Document

“The purpose is to have a concise document that clearly articulates our positions on legislative issues affecting public education to help with advocacy efforts as we work with lawmakers on the state and federal level,” says MSBA President Jan Mees. “Our focus must be on what’s best for the children in our schools, and the positions we take on issues are extremely important to ensure the success of our students.”

Jan Mees
MSBA President