The January/February Board Input Question is live, and MSBA wants input from YOUR Board. We ask every Board to put on the agenda a little time to discuss this topic and then have the MSBA Delegate (or other designated Board member) respond, using the Electronic Survey. MSBA staff uses the information collected to learn more about how member school boards feel about various school-related topics.

Many school boards are concerned about school safety, clearing classrooms to address unruly students, and banning threatening adults from school grounds. Your Board members are probably not experts in mental health, but they are experts in your community. Please consider the following questions:

1. Many people believe that Missouri needs more accessible community mental health services for both children and adults. Does your Board agree? If so, what types of mental health services does your Board wish were more available or more accessible in your community?

2. What types of services would benefit the district’s students and families?

3. What types of services does your district offer students? What types of services would your Board offer students if possible?

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