Thank you for agreeing to be your district’s MSBA Delegate. MSBA is looking for feedback on a variety of issues. This month’s issue is about improving transportation funding.

  1. Please ask your Board Secretary, Board President or Superintendent (whoever puts the agenda together) to add an agenda item for the next open session Board meeting: “MSBA Delegate Question for School Board: Transportation Funding.”
  2. Read or provide the following information to your Board.

Transportation has not been fully funded by the state for several years. Unfortunately, the revenue estimate on which the 2020 state budget will be built is not good. Tax revenues are down due to recent tax cuts and the state is predicting only 2% growth, which is not enough to even cover the mandatory Medicaid increases in the budget. This means that school districts will be competing with many other agencies just to maintain current funding, let alone increased funding. Why should the legislature fully fund school district transportation? We need to be able to explain to them how important this funding is to the community.

Please ask your school board for specifics. What has your district had to cut because transportation was not fully funded? What would your school district do with local revenue if it were not being used to fund transportation? Please explain how this lack of funding hurts the children in your community. The more detail your school board provides, the easier it is to explain to legislators why funding is necessary.

Note: You do not have to write an essay or even use complete sentences, but please be specific.

  1. Provide MSBA information on your Board’s response at
  1. Be sure to share the same information with your state representatives and senators!

Thank You For Participating!