MSBA is looking for feedback on a variety of issues. This month’s issue is about Proposition D, an initiative to increase state taxes on fuel that will be on the ballot in November.

  1. Please ask your Board Secretary, Board President or Superintendent (whoever puts the agenda together) to add an agenda item for the next open session Board meeting: “MSBA Delegate Question for School Board: Raising Taxes on Fuel.”
  2. Read or provide the following information to your Board:

On the November 6, 2018 ballot there is an initiative, Proposition D, to raise taxes on motor fuel from the current 17 cents per gallon to 27 cents by July 1, 2022. The increase would apply to gasoline, as well as alternative fuels when they are used for motor vehicles. The increase will be phased in over four years and will be used to fund the state highway patrol, freeing up more funding for highways and bridges.

On one hand, school districts rely on the highway patrol for a police presence in the district and to respond in school emergencies. Student transportation services will benefit from better roads and bridges. Further, increased dollars devoted to roads and bridges means that the state is more likely to meet its requirements to match federal transportation dollars without dipping into general revenue. School districts receive funding from general revenue.

On the other hand, school districts are not currently exempt from these taxes and school districts purchase a lot of motor fuel. Increased fuel taxes will cost school districts money, which could negatively impact the school district’s programs. See MSBA Advocacy Positions II.I, Motor-Fuel Tax Exemption

What does your school board think?
a. Four or more of our Board members support the passage of Proposition D.

b. Four or more of our Board members do not support Proposition D.

c. The board is split on this issue.

Please share any additional thoughts or questions your Board has on this or other issues. MSBA welcomes your feedback. Thank you!

3. Provide MSBA information on your Board’s response here.