“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Mahatma Ghandi

Finding potential candidates for your local school board may seem like a challenge, but many communities are rich in leaders, active neighbors, interested citizens and enthusiastic volunteers.

Lead by example. Interested citizens will want to be on school boards that work toward clear goals for the success of their district. Boards that are dedicated, collaborative, motivated and committed will engage others with similar attributes.

Think broadly. Your next board member might come from:

  • Citizen work groups, including advisory committees, councils and task forces
  • Professional colleagues
  • Local business owners
  • School volunteers
  • Members of volunteer/service organizations
  • Members of multicultural, faith or nonprofit organizations

Focus on diversity. A school board’s voice is trusted as the local community’s voice. An achieving and active school board is one that values equity, diversity and inclusion. If a school board is not reflective of the local community it serves, then who is that school board serving? It is important to remember that varying perspectives across a community should not only be served by a school board but represented and voiced on a school board.

Encourage curiosity. Seeing is believing, and the community has an excellent learning opportunity by attending school board meetings and committees where board activity and interaction can be observed. Let the community know about vacancies or create opportunities to learn about school board service.

Consider potential. It is important to remember that great school board members do not simply exist, but great school board members are made. When surveying your community for potential school board members, consider and imagine the potential someone has to serve their local community on the school board. Through training, experience and continued service, school board members are given the opportunity to grow and emerge.

Inspire tomorrow’s leaders today.