Charter School Expansion Bill Headed to House Floor


The House Rules/Administrative Oversight Committee has approved and sent to the House floor HB 2247 (Roeber), a bill that would expand charter schools beyond St. Louis and Kansas City. The House could take up the bill for debate soon.

The bill would allow charter schools in any district in which at least one building has had a score of 60% or less on its Annual Performance Reports for two of the three most recent available APR reports. But the bill also would allow any student in Missouri to attend a charter school and the resident school district would have to pay the tuition for the student to attend. MSBA’s resolution on charter schools states, “MSBA supports only those charter schools that are authorized by local boards of education and subject to the same accountability standards as other Missouri public schools.” HB 2247 does not meet those criteria.

MSBA strongly opposes the bill for the following reasons: 

  • Charter school boards are unelected and charter board members are not required to live in the district in which the charter school is located or even be Missouri residents, but they spend local, state and federal tax dollars.
  • Charter schools are not held accountable for the expenditure of taxpayer dollars or the education they provide students to the same extent as public school districts. They are not accredited by the state, are not required to educate all students and are allowed to use uncertified teachers.
  • Charter schools could force consolidation in small communities and could result in the closure of local public schools.

Please contact your House member and urge him/her to vote “NO” on HB 2247. For more information including additional talking points on charter school expansion, visit the MSBA Action Center.

To learn more about this issue and other bills that are moving in the General Assembly, you can register for a free webinar scheduled for this Thursday, March 15 beginning at noon. Register for the webinar.